Many Layers of One Experience

There was a time when my experience of unbounded self-awareness, while always present was not connected to any other aspect of my life. Then there was a time for some years when my entire consciousness had a very celestial quality and sight to it. It was still slightly separate from regular activity but so close and wonderful that I did not want it to ever end. Gradually over time a more dominantly knowledge based, unified awareness that included all other layers of my experience abstractly move to the forefront. Each more self-validating state naturally without much fanfare moved permanently to the forefront without excluding anything from the so-called past. As if the self-awareness had been hiding for no apparent reason. All my shifts of consciousness were immediately known to be clarified, expanded values of previous experience.

My most recent experience is shifting from a many layered yet unified experience to a far more physical value of exactly the same experience. Deep understanding, streaming bliss, the Devata heavens, material life near and distant are known and perceived to be spread throughout not only unbounded-awareness but each other and have become the very functioning constituents of my heart mind and body. This is not a new state but is the clear blending together of one wide-awake experience of knowledge, of flowing bliss and of luminous physical life.

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