Excerpt From My Upcoming Book: How Much Enlightenment is Enough

The quietest value of my consciousness is such an all-encompassing visual awareness that even absolute silence is not hidden by its supreme beauty. Pure-awareness shimmering as pure silence cascading as the connected relationship of all the layers of my awareness is an incomparable experience of perception. Universal consciousness has a dignity of stature so vast and so alive that only an individual experiencing from within it could possibly recognize its absolute face-to-face proximity as existance itself. There simply is no feeling of self-importance since the experience is known as the self of everyone.

I experience this wakefulness as the movement of silence. But the word “movement” seems such a small word to describe the heavenly richness of this divine river of perception. There came a time when even my senses were not denied their rightful place in this detailed experience of realization. The wonderful experience of unbounded silence, its harmony of sounds and perfectly patterned delightful structure is my own hearing and sight. I hear this stillness singing around me; I see this silence full of the heaven of my earthly and divine family. At the edge of my sight and around my body I see a continuous celestial paradise through which I act and breathe. Pure, quiet bliss bubbles there and is the mechanism and benefit that over-flows in all directions as the unity of a divine and physical environment. I used the word “edge of sight” because my body is not experienced as altogether physical. And the divine is certainly not separate from it. The demarcation between the two is porous and transparent, allowing the free flow of love, understanding, and a generally all-round joyous feeling.

Even though it is obvious that my body is physical, it is also obvious to me that it is an expanded field of pure-to-expressed consciousness that includes all the divine venues of perception. The flow and togetherness of awareness as the knowledge of silence, the universal heavenly activity and the material universe all the way to my daily and family life are known and seen within a percolating, unbounded self-wakefulness.

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  1. November 28, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    Hi Harry,
    May I quote you for TM related local marketing on social media, and if so do I cite this website as source?

    • December 7, 2017 at 11:16 pm

      You sure can

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