The Heart Eventually Grows So Large That Its Capacity Becomes Infinite

All the states of awareness that I have gone through more or less arrived sequentially. They started as the first awakening which was kind of abstract and only a background awareness. Each stage developed more visual clarity, understanding and concreteness. They included more and more details and specificity that did not hide over-all self-awareness. As basic self-awareness grew crystal clear so did its steadiness until nothing what-so-ever would disturb it.

I could be tempted to say that the experience of less and less was also included. But really the less and less feeling was created by the fact that a wonderful simplicity of experience also developed that was able to encompass more and more. Like being in a room where a light is pointed at a small section of a room revealing only that area, as the light is increased the whole room is known and seen in one satisfying glance. In this way my consciousness eventually got so bright that all levels and features of life were seen in sharp relationship and unity to self-awareness. It feels like there is nothing too far, too small to be outside the shine of this all-time awareness. The experience of understanding and clarity grew from the inside out until finally even personal activity and physical life were experienced as the omni-directional, delightful light of self-awareness.

  1 comment for “The Heart Eventually Grows So Large That Its Capacity Becomes Infinite

  1. Rudy
    December 20, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    For me, this is expansion into soul. It is s boundless, unitive Presence. πŸ™πŸ»

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