The Sparkling Beauty of Personified Silence

There is this wonderful realization and experience of how universal existance, with all the principles and personifications of nature find profound rest, fulfillment and cosmic energy within our harmonious co-operative lives. From this nourishing central source we all spring forth individually and cosmically.

I perceive how through these divine principles and activities of the of nature, existing as my consciousness abstract understanding is concretely located and appreciated throughout even the physical structures of my heart, mind and body. And through this concrete experience we can know and approach the supreme Being dwelling in same divine space that we all are. Our consciousness is the mirror of the absolute, so unboundedly complex and unboundedly simple that even pure silence as a cosmic sound and sight is a shimmering wind pulsing as the bliss of self-awareness.

I see unmoving, sparking silence as self-wakefulness, tiding as each other, face-to-face, one wholeness appearing as many. Absolute stillness and knowingness are so delicately in proximity that their mutual presence is saturated with divine connectedness. I spontaneously behold a shimmering fullness so unboundedly still as the core of my being that the slightest perpetual approach of my attention creates the loudest sound of pure-knowingness—it cascades and multiplies throughout my own, everyone’s silence as the shining expressions of material creation.

There is a constant see-through quality to my experience where regular physical life, the celestial heavens and universal existance are all connected in a wonderful single array of brilliant self-awareness. Where no one layer in anyway obscures or hides any other layer of this unbounded unity.

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