A Dear Friend Has A Delightful Transformation

I was recently outside walking with a dear friend with whom I had been regularly discussing the self-aware experience for a number of years. This person was one of those quiet, practical and down to earth people who would down–play or even deny any inner experiences they thought they might of have been having. The kind of person who would say things like “I never have any experiences” then go on to describe an experience that would obviously, by any other person be considered a significant indicator of expanded consciousness and insight. This friend would always start to describe any experience by saying something like, “ I did have this simple experience, its really nothing” and I would always say “ how fortunate for you or I would say, simple is always good” and my friend would then continue to elaborate some clear, ongoing state of awareness that supposedly could not possibly be happening now.

Whenever I would say “but your clarity of experience cannot be much different than mine since consciousness is universal, all-pervasive and cannot be missed” this friend would always say, “Harri you can’t say that or know what I am experiencing, in any case you descriptions are far more lucid and clear than mine.” On this particular walk we were having our usual conversation when my friend seemed surprised, abruptly stopped, and said , “you know Harri I have not ever understood or related to, when you ask me, do you feel any kind of unified feeling when you are looking at something?” My friend calmly looked at me, eyes bright and said “but I suddenly realized that I do not feel separate from anything right now (there was a moment of silence) in fact I never have.”

Turning my question completely around about feeling unified to not feeling separate was exactly what was needed for a major transformation to take place. Not being separate from any experience is exactly the same as feeling unified but it was from this persons individual perspective. It was very interesting to me that my friends transformation of consciousness came from an awakened flash of understanding that was unique to this individual and my words or anybodies words can only be a sort of catalyst.

This person was never the same again, a deep, luminous understanding had opened up to an out-pouring of expanded daily, detailed experiences and knowledge. In my dear friends own words, “I know that I have always had this no separation feeling, but I simply did not credit it as anything.” I almost hate to admit it but I finally understand and experience what you have been talking about all along. I feel confident, centered and no longer feel that I am not making progress. There is a profound very quiet satisfaction even happiness within my inner-being. I am surprised how little this self-aware experience has altered my practical mind-set, yet is so profoundly insightful. My interactions with family people and situations have a new and pronounced quality of familiarity or closeness. Can the experience of a unified self-awareness really be so simple.” And I said “it certainly is not complicated.”

Rather than doubts or lack of confidence this person now literally shines with deep intuition and expanded awareness. This individuals’ deep understanding and unified-awareness is so open now that whenever we are discussing experiences, even from my first few words there is an intuitive grasp of what is coming—so different than before.

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