The Fulfillment of All Streams of Consciousness

Years ago, when I first experienced expanded awareness as an intangible background it was not particularly interesting. Until I understood what I was experiencing, consciousness appeared flat and uninvolved in my life. Later it was the acquisition of basic understanding alone that woke up and stirred the background stillness into a far more noticeably shimmering state. Certainly, the ability to spontaneously see and understand this stillness made its harmonious nature and movements far more significant, far more satisfying.

As simple as it sounds, learning to drive a car is essential before a car becomes truly useful and fully appreciated. In the same way, learning to meditate familiarizes the mind and body with the nature of consciousness. The only reason Self-awareness is desirable is because it has tangible, personal benefits. It is the fulfillment of every stream of desire, every desire of the heart, mind and body. It delivers unbounded contentment, a quiet, comprehensive understanding and happiness beyond all expectations.

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