So is Anything Actually Unreal ?

Sure, that there is anything unreal is unreal. Any experience that is partial could be said to be temporarily unreal. In the state of full wakefulness there is no experience that is unreal since all experience is fully known and seen to be a connected continuum of our own unbounded-consciousness. Nothing can be removed from the one totality of an enlightened flow of events.

The whole idea of illusion arises from living a life that is not known or seen in its entirety, in that way it is an illusion. A partial value can never be fully real. It needs to be experienced in its entirety. When regular life hides ones inner consciousness then neither can be considered genuine or valid. When the reflection hides it’s own source then it could be said that one is living something that is not yet real. In that sense only, material creation is an illusion but only up until the full value of all layers of creation are experienced in their entirety all at the same time. This would be Self-Realization.

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