At Our Fingertips

There is an on-going state of delightful, perpetual self-awareness that I know and experience and therefore you should too. There is no conceivable reason why many, many individuals should not be having this experience. We are all equipped with the full compliment of qualities and abilities to realize the entire, natural potential of personal life. The central idea for up-coming new book is to describe three extraordinary states of awareness and their close, natural relationship to regular life. It is because of this closeness to regular life that they are within sight for everyone. And how the transformations from one to the next can become a grand story of one unified, living possibility. How by adding experience and understanding to just living our day to day lives is already a good start to the first dawning of simple, conscious self-awareness. Life in general is already a path to full awareness which we are all inherently designed to successfully traverse. But it is mostly viewed as a compulsory obstacle course to who knows where. It is pretty obvious that the normal evolutionary process without any assistance is by itself very slow, we surely want to move much faster. We can. Closer to the goal as the speed gets faster and smother there are less and less hurdles to overcome. Not because they are not there but they do not loom so large in relation to the conscious delight that is beginning to fill our hearts.

When I started getting longer flashes of what I was soon to realize, it was very motivating, whatever doubts I may have had took a decidedly backseat to my expanding fascination. Needless to say these flashes were only a faint indications of what was to become my permanent experience. I can only write about the inner experiences that I am personally having and the understandings that arise from them. I can only describe what I see and understand.

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