How Much Enlightenment Is Enough

It has been my experience that there are easily attainable, permanent states of awareness that are infinitely silent, gloriously divine, full of deep feeling and so all prevadingly joyous that even our regular lives are not left in the dark. In the up and down lives of most people this is where I sometimes lose people, it just sounds too good. Remember that all these states of awareness which I will be describing in my second book “How Much Enlightenment Is Enough” are progressively simpler and simpler, are our birth right and are natural additions to our daily lives. They do not make the challenges of life disappear but rather these challenges become experienced in relation to a much larger more stable heart and mind. When we not always in the process of getting over-whelmed by the inevitably excitable nature of life we are more able to cope or help others.

It has slowly become apparent to me that the life long-quantity, detailed nature and permanent duration of my experiences are a bit unusual and that my real challenge is to present them in a way that is deeply useful, believable and engaging to both beginners and advanced seekers. I illustrate my life with dramatic personal stories while describing states of perpetual awakening that I have gone through. By perpetual I mean that I never went backwards from them only forward—which, believe me is change enough!

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  1. Nicole
    July 12, 2017 at 1:24 am

    I recently listened to an episode of the podcast Buddha at the Gas Pump (November 25th 2016) which you were interviewed. There was a particular conversation which called to me- as you began to describe the infinite nature of all things. You made a reference to how we perceive all that is (I believe in this instance you were describing the moon) and how even if one does not perceive something to be there (not within their awareness) it does not mean that it has not been there all along. The conversation did not go into much detail but I would have loved to hear you speak more on this as I personally feel much of what you speak of is within my experience and not often do I hear other speak in such a way that aligns to my knowing. Just wanted to thank you for sharing, I very much enjoyed your interview.

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