What Bothers A Self-Aware Person?

So what actually burdens an awake individual? It would not be true to say nothing. Even though there is now nothing can now hide the established experience of pure-awareness all other areas of life go on as usual. This is not to say that everything is usual however, nothing could be further from the truth. Imagine for a moment that your heart feels like an ocean of very quiet, all-pervasive love, your mind is settled in immoveable knowledge and feels all-knowing, and even your senses tell you that you are intimately connected to a vast infinate universal creative process of which you are a vital part. A self-aware person will feel personal loss perhaps even greater than anyone simply by the greatly enhanced capacity to feel deeply but still the experience cannot disturb the imperturbable vastness of awake-consciousness. Huge unbounded joy is not diminished by a much smaller drop of itself or anything else whatsoever.

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