Sandwich Awareness

There came a time when I realized that the field of light and consciousness that I normally experience as a layered continuum around my body was very organized and specific. In other words it has a recognizable primary brilliance and structure that automatically results in specific functions. This organization of my knowledge-specific extended consciousness is also its entire function. Not unlike a thick sandwich where each flavor and texture of each layer co-mingles with all the other specific flavors as well as the whole sandwich.

I experience an almost unbounded, very quiet cosmic radiance in the clear shape of a self-effulgent universal physiology that is somehow the extended total value, structure and purpose of my—everyone’s—very existence. The resonance, continuity, and details of this experience encompasses pure knowingness, the literature of the ancient Ved, my body and senses, humanity, the Earth, the Sun, all the constellations, the whole universe, in a sandwiched, transparent pulse of almost silent totality. I see and know with my entire body—not just my eyes as the mechanics of how the silent Absolute can be the active Absolute.

The divine heavens, the Creator, the grand embodiment of knowledge, all the Gods and Goddesses are all spontaneously experienced and contained within the structures, functions, and relationships of my heart, mind, and body.

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