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The Landscape of Enlightenment – Available Now!


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Harri’s descriptions soar from the mundane to the sublime and take the intimate details, understanding and experience of the Awakened state to an entirely new level. He makes clear that this life of ours can be a delightful continuum of perception from the deep liveliness of expanded consciousness to the smallest details of daily life. It is not necessary to go to heaven in order to experience heaven or to be divine. Instead, these are natural aspects of individual awareness that are usually hidden and misunderstood. Harri shares with us his amazing life story from early childhood to the present through personal stories, photographs, poems and works of art.

The Experience That Never Left

Sitting on my bed, eyes closed. It was the middle of the afternoon. I became aware of a physical dome of huge silence, so deep, so expanded, that it literally pulsed throughout with enormous energy. Slightly taken a-back I said to myself, “What is this?” Never before had I experienced stillness so profound, so complete! The silence rang with intense…

Even Emptiness is not Excluded

All the subtle-to-concrete facets of consciousness shine together as the entirety of awareness. There is a Self-aware silence so vast, so still, it is discovered to be the eternal space as and in which, all individual and cosmic creation unfolds. Not one iota of experience can be denied its part in God’s creation and even the idea of anything being…

Excerpt From Upcoming Book

The vast, limitless reservoir that is human consciousness is accessible and practical to the Realized individual. This is because the Awake mind is at its most refined and most quiet state at all times. All the layers of experience, clarity of understanding, refined perception, and unbounded consciousness, will eventually be perceived as one continuum. This experience is so rich and…

Unified Awareness in Daily Life

As clear as unbounded wakefulness is, the structured, luminous knowledge component that pervades throughout, is even more obvious. In fact, my experience of wakefulness is all pure reverberating intelligence. Of course, since it is fundamental intelligence, it is sequentially blissful and purposeful. It is very interesting and rewarding for me to experience this complete unity, where knowledge no longer underlies…

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