When we are having any experience however universal or personal it is our own individual heart, mind, body and senses that is having the experience. The individual cannot be separated in any way from the awakening process. The personality or individuality does not progressively go into hiding in the awakening process. I experience self-awareness as an all-inclusive bounty that positively flavors all of my experience, including individuality.

The sense of freedom and just plain wonder of it all expands to vast proportions. Living our normal lives without clear experience or deep understanding is to limit access to only one small part of the whole sphere of our consciousness. The unbounded knowledge and experience that is the central foundation of everyone’s consciousness stays hidden and out of reach.

Within the inner discovery process we might begin to see that the silent expanded consciousness we are experiencing has some kind of luminous wakefulness or even a sound to it. The quiet space of our consciousness is not empty. Along with expanded consciousness perhaps we begin to see some organization or sequence in the shimmering stillness. Maybe we see some pattern or structured flow of light, or maybe we can ‘hear’ the movement of stillness. This reverberating, joyous consciousness can be beautiful. This beauty is of a divine or celestial nature and is the subtle nature of everyone’s consciousness. Underneath the sight of pure-awareness we can sense the sound of intelligence. This intelligence is the organization and content of all experience. It permeates all inner-to-outer realities in one continuous flow—it is a kind of know-through, see-through fullness of our consciousness. Self-awareness is completely full of itself.

Many Layers of One Experience

There was a time when my experience of unbounded self-awareness, while always present was not connected to any other aspect of my life. Then there was a time for some years when my entire consciousness had a very celestial quality and sight to it. It was still slightly separate from regular activity but so close and wonderful that I did not want it to ever end. Gradually over time a more dominantly knowledge based, unified awareness that included all other layers of my experience abstractly move to the forefront. Each more self-validating state naturally without much fanfare moved permanently to the forefront without excluding anything from the so-called past. As if the self-awareness had been hiding for no apparent reason. All my shifts of consciousness were immediately known to be clarified, expanded values of previous experience.

My most recent experience is shifting from a many layered yet unified experience to a far more physical value of exactly the same experience. Deep understanding, streaming bliss, the Devata heavens, material life near and distant are known and perceived to be spread throughout not only unbounded-awareness but each other and have become the very functioning constituents of my heart mind and body. This is not a new state but is the clear blending together of one wide-awake experience of knowledge, of flowing bliss and of luminous physical life.

Sandwich Awareness

There came a time when I realized that the field of light and consciousness that I normally experience as a layered continuum around my body was very organized and specific. In other words it has a recognizable primary brilliance and structure that automatically results in specific functions. This organization of my knowledge-specific extended consciousness is also its entire function. Not unlike a thick sandwich where each flavor and texture of each layer co-mingles with all the other specific flavors as well as the whole sandwich.

I experience an almost unbounded, very quiet cosmic radiance in the clear shape of a self-effulgent universal physiology that is somehow the extended total value, structure and purpose of my—everyone’s—very existence. The resonance, continuity, and details of this experience encompasses pure knowingness, the literature of the ancient Ved, my body and senses, humanity, the Earth, the Sun, all the constellations, the whole universe, in a sandwiched, transparent pulse of almost silent totality. I see and know with my entire body—not just my eyes as the mechanics of how the silent Absolute can be the active Absolute.

The divine heavens, the Creator, the grand embodiment of knowledge, all the Gods and Goddesses are all spontaneously experienced and contained within the structures, functions, and relationships of my heart, mind, and body.

What Is The Difference Between Pure-Awareness And Celestial Awareness?

One of my mahogany sculptures, 18″ High.

For the sake of comparison I could say that pure-awareness is unboundedly settled and is a state of luminous self-knowingness. Celestial awareness is perceiving the most subtle relative aspect of consciousness and recognizing the glorious expressions and divine forms of that enhanced and expressed silence along with pure, self-awareness. My experience in activity is that while I am looking at anything in my surroundings I am also aware of simultaneously seeing it through multiple layers of transparant awareness. First, I experience a very still field of vast consciousness that has a noticeable quietly shimmering self –awareness quality. Second, I experience a divine quietly joyous even heavenly layer that is full of divine beauty. Third, I experience the regular field of my normal senses. These layers of consciousness are interdependent realities of one totality of awareness.

Like a screen and the movie projected on it, except in the case of an awakened mind even the screen is seen as a vibrant aspect of the whole experience. In any state of awareness before awakening every experience hides the experience of pure- awareness— afterwards all experience is seen in the light of or through a field of unbounded-awareness.

What Bothers A Self-Aware Person?

So what actually burdens an awake individual? It would not be true to say nothing. Even though there is now nothing can now hide the established experience of pure-awareness all other areas of life go on as usual. This is not to say that everything is usual however, nothing could be further from the truth. Imagine for a moment that your heart feels like an ocean of very quiet, all-pervasive love, your mind is settled in immoveable knowledge and feels all-knowing, and even your senses tell you that you are intimately connected to a vast infinate universal creative process of which you are a vital part. A self-aware person will feel personal loss perhaps even greater than anyone simply by the greatly enhanced capacity to feel deeply but still the experience cannot disturb the imperturbable vastness of awake-consciousness. Huge unbounded joy is not diminished by a much smaller drop of itself or anything else whatsoever.

Excerpt From My Upcoming New Book “How Much Enlightenment is Enough”

Quiet and Subtle Does Not Mean Faint Or Weak

The self-aware state is the natural condition of the human heart and mind. Any experience that is not enhanced by and recognized as conscious self-awareness could easily be called a random, changing circumstance that require a lot of effort to maintain even a semblance of balance.

Enlightened awareness is not an isolated state, it is not really a state at all, it is not something that needs to be maintained or thought about. When clearly recognized It is the naturally functioning heart, mind and body of everyone. When maintaining itself at all times without conscious thought It is called self-realization. When it dawns it is simply a permanent experience of self-luminous knowing where there is absolutely no doubt about what is being experienced. When I say simple I do not mean simplistic, devoid of qualities, small or of limited duration. By simple I mean that awareness is so expanded and quiet and lively that whatever arises as feelings, thoughts, perceptions or activities they do no obscure basic awareness in any way. For most people long established habits of looking somewhere else, feeling something else and being lost in something apparently more concrete, hides the ever-present presence of self-awareness.

How Much Enlightenment Is Enough

It has been my experience that there are easily attainable, permanent states of awareness that are infinitely silent, gloriously divine, full of deep feeling and so all prevadingly joyous that even our regular lives are not left in the dark. In the up and down lives of most people this is where I sometimes lose people, it just sounds too good. Remember that all these states of awareness which I will be describing in my second book “How Much Enlightenment Is Enough” are progressively simpler and simpler, are our birth right and are natural additions to our daily lives. They do not make the challenges of life disappear but rather these challenges become experienced in relation to a much larger more stable heart and mind. When we not always in the process of getting over-whelmed by the inevitably excitable nature of life we are more able to cope or help others.

It has slowly become apparent to me that the life long-quantity, detailed nature and permanent duration of my experiences are a bit unusual and that my real challenge is to present them in a way that is deeply useful, believable and engaging to both beginners and advanced seekers. I illustrate my life with dramatic personal stories while describing states of perpetual awakening that I have gone through. By perpetual I mean that I never went backwards from them only forward—which, believe me is change enough!

So Clear That Even Silence Finds Refuge

I can almost hear people who experience or understand enlightenment to only be one unbounded state of silence say “is not regular life and all inner perceptions or even understanding actually what we are trying through meditation to get rid of?”

“Are they not the fly in the ointment?” It has been my experience that this inner permanent silence experience was the first of a number of expanded awakenings. And that eventually all activities of the heart and mind and even physical activities eventually get incorporated into the very fabric of an understanding and perception that becomes a continuous connectedness of one experience. Ultimately nothing whatsoever gets excluded from self-awareness; in fact just like the body where all the different aspects generate the whole body, all the different aspects and layers of consciousness generate awakened consciousness. Of course it would also be right to say that it is really consciousness that generates the body and its environment.

Why Go For It?

I have always desired something that cannot be taken away, that is lasting and cannot diminish, that is the full measure of everything. Something that I so intimately own that I do not feel owned by it. Something so personal, so expanded and unshakeable, so full of contentment that everything and everyone is included. Something that is completely individual but so full of understanding and divine perception that they continuously over-flow abundantly with their divine qualities into every facet of my personal and family life. Add to this, it must be lots of fun, easy to share and powerfully present. It must be so brilliantly everywhere that all the senses can experience it, that the mind can know it and the heart can feel it, that however far or fast I travel in body or mind I should never reach beyond its pervasive influence. And lastly it must be clear and unwaveringly known by me specifically as infinate, eternal Self-Awareness. This is what unified awareness is and means to me.

At Our Fingertips

There is an on-going state of delightful, perpetual self-awareness that I know and experience and therefore you should too. There is no conceivable reason why many, many individuals should not be having this experience. We are all equipped with the full compliment of qualities and abilities to realize the entire, natural potential of personal life. The central idea for up-coming new book is to describe three extraordinary states of awareness and their close, natural relationship to regular life. It is because of this closeness to regular life that they are within sight for everyone. And how the transformations from one to the next can become a grand story of one unified, living possibility. How by adding experience and understanding to just living our day to day lives is already a good start to the first dawning of simple, conscious self-awareness. Life in general is already a path to full awareness which we are all inherently designed to successfully traverse. But it is mostly viewed as a compulsory obstacle course to who knows where. It is pretty obvious that the normal evolutionary process without any assistance is by itself very slow, we surely want to move much faster. We can. Closer to the goal as the speed gets faster and smother there are less and less hurdles to overcome. Not because they are not there but they do not loom so large in relation to the conscious delight that is beginning to fill our hearts.

When I started getting longer flashes of what I was soon to realize, it was very motivating, whatever doubts I may have had took a decidedly backseat to my expanding fascination. Needless to say these flashes were only a faint indications of what was to become my permanent experience. I can only write about the inner experiences that I am personally having and the understandings that arise from them. I can only describe what I see and understand.

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