When we are having any experience however universal or personal it is our own individual heart, mind, body and senses that is having the experience. The individual cannot be separated in any way from the awakening process. The personality or individuality does not progressively go into hiding in the awakening process. I experience self-awareness as an all-inclusive bounty that positively flavors all of my experience, including individuality.

The sense of freedom and just plain wonder of it all expands to vast proportions. Living our normal lives without clear experience or deep understanding is to limit access to only one small part of the whole sphere of our consciousness. The unbounded knowledge and experience that is the central foundation of everyone’s consciousness stays hidden and out of reach.

Within the inner discovery process we might begin to see that the silent expanded consciousness we are experiencing has some kind of luminous wakefulness or even a sound to it. The quiet space of our consciousness is not empty. Along with expanded consciousness perhaps we begin to see some organization or sequence in the shimmering stillness. Maybe we see some pattern or structured flow of light, or maybe we can ‘hear’ the movement of stillness. This reverberating, joyous consciousness can be beautiful. This beauty is of a divine or celestial nature and is the subtle nature of everyone’s consciousness. Underneath the sight of pure-awareness we can sense the sound of intelligence. This intelligence is the organization and content of all experience. It permeates all inner-to-outer realities in one continuous flow—it is a kind of know-through, see-through fullness of our consciousness. Self-awareness is completely full of itself.

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