Very Practical, Too!

I walk, talk, drive and thrive in this bustle of divine activity, which is not limited by physical space. There is no limitation to the sphere of this activity; I see it filling up immeasurable space. It is the same universal environment that is the very fullness of the relationship of the Creator to His/Her creation.

Heaven is not in a heaven somewhere in the far distant sky. It is right here, right there, wherever we might look or be. The divine beings that reside in these regions are personified, Selfluminous, universal consciousness. They have been perceived and described by ancient cultures and spiritual teachers of the world through religious teachings, myths, fables and in artistic expressions. These beings are very beautiful. Their beauty does not lie in how they look or are attired, though they are of great splendor, but rather in the perfection of their existence and divine purpose. Their existence is the source of our lives and we are the source of theirs.

Heaven has a very practical function; it is the home and source of the universal activities of nature and from where they are administered for the benefit of all creation. Similarly, on a more personal level, the mother and father in a family look after and love their children and get great fulfillment in return.

We love our own families most, and when we finally see how closely our daily lives are aligned with our sublimely cosmic family the expansion and happiness of our love naturally extends to universal proportions.

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