The Unfolding Unified Consciousness

Pristine unbounded knowingness, where every single thing and all experiences are known to be unified within and as one continuous awareness— has been open to me for some time. This experience arose almost suddenly from an experience where divine and physical awareness had been as if outside or separate from unbounded Self-Awareness. Unified consciousness was at first very abstract, more like a clear sense and perception of the connectedness and harmony of the all layers of my experience and immediate life in general. In the beginning days it was not very clear who was having the experience—while shimmering and bright with the liveliness of the unitary nature of expanded awareness my consciousness was predominantly intangible in its detailed structure.

Then everything started to dramatically change again. Deep throughout awareness I noticed that something wonderful was stirring. I could see a kind of almost constant zooming or river of reverberating, organized, brilliant patterning—a sequencing intelligence that was whirling and expressing as understanding. This continuous combination of clear perception, pure liveliness with its structure of wakeful knowledge created a delightfully tangible, even physical over-all unified brightness to my awareness.

I could distinguish that the glittering, knowingness structure within any arising experience immediately rendered it permanently whole, yet somehow maintaining the integrity of the part. How very interesting. It was like detailed cosmic existance was describing and enacting itself to me within the physical layers of my heart, mind, body and inviroment. It all felt like I was being restructured and unified into the image of universal and divine aspects of nature. But now because nothing could possibly be smaller or less than the whole even the smallest twinkle was as vast as the brightness of the whole.

The abstract values of my mind and heart expanded throughout a vast bed of all seeing, shimmering stillness. Then I watched my senses one after the other expand to unboundedness dimensions—they also remained with their normal functions in tact— since now nothing could be excluded from this all-encompassing realization. Finally, with all physical values included, both individually and cosmically my body became perceived also as a body of universal dimensions.

Then surprisingly all the expansion and contraction stopped but continued to quietly roar, Rik and blaze as the brilliance and totality of infinate universal existance—where even the planets and galaxies have located their home in relation to my unbounded awareness. It all goes on and on in the daily activity of my and everyones life.

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  1. Maria Angela joaquin- Salang , aka Molly
    February 17, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Beautifully described! Thank you Harri for sharing your experience. I understand more fully what I have undergone these past 42 yrs of doing TM and Siddhis. Though my unfolding isn’t as vivid to put into beautiful words , I now can confirm what i have and still am undergoing even in a more subtle way.

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