Why Go For It?

I have always desired something that cannot be taken away, that is lasting and cannot diminish, that is the full measure of everything. Something that I so intimately own that I do not feel owned by it. Something so personal, so expanded and unshakeable, so full of contentment that everything and everyone is included. Something that is completely individual but so full of understanding and divine perception that they continuously over-flow abundantly with their divine qualities into every facet of my personal and family life. Add to this, it must be lots of fun, easy to share and powerfully present. It must be so brilliantly everywhere that all the senses can experience it, that the mind can know it and the heart can feel it, that however far or fast I travel in body or mind I should never reach beyond its pervasive influence. And lastly it must be clear and unwaveringly known by me specifically as infinate, eternal Self-Awareness. This is what unified awareness is and means to me.

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