Excerpt From My Upcoming New Book “How Much Enlightenment is Enough”

Quiet and Subtle Does Not Mean Faint Or Weak

The self-aware state is the natural condition of the human heart and mind. Any experience that is not enhanced by and recognized as conscious self-awareness could easily be called a random, changing circumstance that require a lot of effort to maintain even a semblance of balance.

Enlightened awareness is not an isolated state, it is not really a state at all, it is not something that needs to be maintained or thought about. When clearly recognized It is the naturally functioning heart, mind and body of everyone. When maintaining itself at all times without conscious thought It is called self-realization. When it dawns it is simply a permanent experience of self-luminous knowing where there is absolutely no doubt about what is being experienced. When I say simple I do not mean simplistic, devoid of qualities, small or of limited duration. By simple I mean that awareness is so expanded and quiet and lively that whatever arises as feelings, thoughts, perceptions or activities they do no obscure basic awareness in any way. For most people long established habits of looking somewhere else, feeling something else and being lost in something apparently more concrete, hides the ever-present presence of self-awareness.

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  1. Janet
    July 16, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Dear Harri,

    Everything you write or share is so nourishing, grounding and enlightening even. Thank you deeply. I look forward to your next book.

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