What Is The Difference Between Pure-Awareness And Celestial Awareness?

One of my mahogany sculptures, 18″ High.

For the sake of comparison I could say that pure-awareness is unboundedly settled and is a state of luminous self-knowingness. Celestial awareness is perceiving the most subtle relative aspect of consciousness and recognizing the glorious expressions and divine forms of that enhanced and expressed silence along with pure, self-awareness. My experience in activity is that while I am looking at anything in my surroundings I am also aware of simultaneously seeing it through multiple layers of transparant awareness. First, I experience a very still field of vast consciousness that has a noticeable quietly shimmering self –awareness quality. Second, I experience a divine quietly joyous even heavenly layer that is full of divine beauty. Third, I experience the regular field of my normal senses. These layers of consciousness are interdependent realities of one totality of awareness.

Like a screen and the movie projected on it, except in the case of an awakened mind even the screen is seen as a vibrant aspect of the whole experience. In any state of awareness before awakening every experience hides the experience of pure- awareness— afterwards all experience is seen in the light of or through a field of unbounded-awareness.

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